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Dan "Hap" Doughty

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interesting.. [Jun. 2nd, 2005|10:27 pm]
Dan "Hap" Doughty
I'm sure this is true of all of you (well, since Im about the only one who reads this, I know it's true about me) . I found a web site that is supposed to be a great "people finder". So, I do as most people do, and I do a search for some people, but mostly get conflicting results.

Then I go hey, I'll look for myself. I type in my name (with middle initial too) and await the results. Lo and behold, I exist! I was beggining to wonder if I did. However, like the time when I was going in for my drivers license renewal, I apparently moved without telling myself. Back when I had to re-new my license, they suggested I lived about 15 miles south of my current location. And now, I've moved about 10 or so miles in a totally different direction.

It's quite disturbing. Either someone's stolen my identity (I'm not sure how to find out if someone has) or there's just a screw up somewhere.

Interesting though, I still can never find anyone I know or knew with these "search engines" unless I plop out 20 bucks to confirm I'm a stalker. No thanks, Mr Man!

[User Picture]From: hapshaughnessy
2005-06-05 03:04 pm (UTC)
thats the site I was talking about.
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