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greetin's [Jul. 23rd, 2005|06:58 pm]
Dan "Hap" Doughty
it's been a while. I haven't had anything i felt like writing about, so I haven't.

I spent some time in San Diego, and soon will be back in Idaho working on a boat issue.

I'm hoping to make a canoe sometime soon, to sell it. The cedar strip canoes can go for a pretty decent chunk of change, and don't cost too much to build. If thats successful, I might start doing that on a regular basis, and then start making and selling other things I make. It's basically my best and only skill.

Ladies, come a runnin! ;)

you know how they say that you should look ahead to your life and be excited? I keep looking back and go "man, I'm how old?"

When I gradeeated high school, I fully expected to be married and have a kid by now. At the time, perferably to the brown haired girl, but as we all know (well, the 2 who read this) that never materalized for several dozen reasons, mostly that I'm a coward.

hehe, I like making fun of myself, it's so flattering.

Ive made (well, Im still making, I screwed up the pneumatic gun) a nice jewelry box for my soon to be sister in law Beth. I just have to finish the top. I have until the 6th of next month, as thats the date they're getting (my brother and her) are getting married. I originally planned to scan all the photos of me, my sisters and brother and put them onto disc, but put it off waaay too long. I might get that done before I die.

While I'm in idaho working on the boat issues, I'm planning on starting 1 of 2 "books" (writing, not reading. Altho I have one I need to finish).

I'm currently reading a book which is made up of letters to and from soliders in all of the wars in the US History (and some foreign wars). The first 100 pages over the 4th of July, and haven't touched it since. :(

Anyways, the 1st book I want to write is made up of transcribing lettes from my great grandfather Daniel Boone Curry, to his family members back "home". SOme of it actually is from him when he was in France during World War 1. Infact, one letter actually says "you'll have to excuse my poor writing. There are bullets whizzing over my head right now".

It should be fun to transcribe all of them (there's a fair amount), and get them finally on a CD, so future generations can access them if they want. I meant to do this about 3 years ago, but never felt that it was worth it. Then when I started reading the book I referenced earlier, I got motivated again. So, this time i hope to get it done before I come back.

hope you enjoyed the read. I hope more than 1 person responds too. ;)